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Our company is SAP silver partner.

About Us

BHive is made up of professionals with vast experience in business consulting, experts in SAP technologies and specialists in the application of management methodologies

We are motivated to become a strategic partner of our clients for the development and transformation of business processes, through innovation, creativity and timely service.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation, by definition, is hard work. We have created a simple but robust playbook to provide the discipline, structure, and pacing that must be taken throughout the process. To gain a firm understanding of where we are and thus provide the frameworks and roadmaps to get where you need to be.

From Concept to improvement

Technology is at its best when it blends seamlessly with the world around it. Our strategists, designers, and engineers are constantly iterating and improving, from paper to proof of concept, build, release, and more. Applying intellectual curiosity to reimagine the best results for our clients.

The art of simplicity

The more complicated it is, the simpler the experience. A great product is not enough. The experience of using that product is what matters. We explore how to create wonderfully simple solutions for our clients, from incredibly complex scenarios.

Continuous amazement

Great ideas always come from an unexpected thought. At BHive, we challenge our clients to never underestimate the wonder of being in awe. We question, discuss and discover the trends and technologies that are often being adopted in the most unexpected places and settings.

Our Expertise

Our services are designed to help your company stand out and turn your ideas into a competitive reality

We combine the expertise of industry consultants and certified SAP professionals to quickly implement the options and trends that drive value and accelerate business results. We bring together the skills and experience necessary to help evolve your company's SAP strategy.

We are SAP silver partner. We provide consulting services in the areas of: Proveemos servicios de consultoría en las áreas de:

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP brings together intelligent business applications with capabilities for data and database management, analytics, integration and extension within a single platform for hybrid and cloud environments, including hundreds of preconfigured integrations for SAP and third-party applications.

SAP BTP brings together intelligent business applications with capabilities for data and database management, analytics, integration and extension within a single platform for hybrid and cloud environments, including hundreds of preconfigured integrations for SAP and third-party applications.

Consultoría Funcional SAP

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Human capital management (HCM)
  • Business intelligence solutions (BI)
  • SAP process orchestration (PI/PO)
  • Business Solutions Life Cycle (SolMan)
  • Smart Business Applications (BTP)
  • Security management
  • Development and continuous improvement


  • Infrastructure, platform and security assessment
  • SAP licensing and compliance assessment
  • BTP, ECC, BW, PI, HANA, SolMan implementations
  • Upgrade and Migrations
  • Databases
  • BASIS Administration and Support

 Technical consultancy

  • Design of SAP cloud / on-premise architectures
  • ABAP development, Fiori / SAPUI5, HANA, SAP_Portal/Launchpad
  • BTP, ECC, BW, PI, HANA, SolMan implementations
  • Integrations through PI / PO, SAP HCI / CPI.
  • Platform tuning and SAP solutions
  • Infrastructure and application performance analysis

SAP Business Technology Platform

We specialize in the implementation, development and governance of your platform for the smart enterprise

SAP Business Technology Platform is a unified, business-centric, and open platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. It enables users to integrate and create value from data and extend their solution environments from both SAP and third-party to meet the ever-evolving needs of their business.


  • Design and implementation of your custom BTP Architecture.
  • Onboarding and initial setup of your platform (connectivity with Backends, Portals, configuration of services and integrations, DB HANA).
  • Single sign on (SSO) configuration with AD, C4C / MKT.
  • Integration with cloud and on-premise systems through CPI.


  • Standard Fiori applications.
  • Development and maintenance of Fiori / SAPUI5 applications.
  • SAP Portal Cloud/Launchpad.
  • Fiori Mobile applications.
  • Developments on SAP HANA.
  • Smart Data Integration (SDI).
  • Integrations through CPI.
  • Internet of things (IoT).
  • RPA, BigData, Machine Learning.


  • BTP Comprehensive Help Desk (MDA - Technical and Functional).
  • Support and Continuous Improvement.
  • Governance of BTP platforms (Neo and Cloud Foundry).
  • Administration of subaccounts, services, roles, groups, apps.
  • Transportation management and QA between environments and subaccounts.
  • Updates and upgrades of the platform and its services.
  • Migration of services, applications and integrations.

Use Cases

Find out how our customers have used SAP BTP to solve their business challenges

Case 01: Logistics sector company

Allow workers to install and repair assets on the fly

The company's meter upgrade area had no control over the work performed by its field technicians. They required a tool that would allow them to record visits and work actually performed by contractors.


More than 50 thousand maintenance notices processed in SAP through the application.


Online information that allows improving customer service, through the assignment of technicians.


Savings in payment processing time for work actually performed by contractors


Managing contractors and their routes to customer locations poses quite a few challenges when assigning tasks, ensuring response times, availability of supplies, etc.


Create an application that runs on a mobile device that can provide your remote workforce with everything they need to complete their work in the most efficient way.


By allowing contractors to have all the data they need on their devices in real time from a mobile application, the efficiency and quality of work was increased.

Case 02: Livestock sector company

Renewal of its digital experience

The client implemented SAP ERP in 2003 and since then its end users have used the system through SAPGUI.

Today, the client needs to deliver a new multi-device digital experience to its users, which is capable of communicating and updating data directly with their SAP ERP in a simpler, faster and safer way.


End users require a single access point for their applications to increase their efficiency.


Activate standard Fiori applications that run on any device with any browser, giving end users a single entry point to access all their content.


A significant increase in productivity while also providing a new end-user experience.

Case 03: Automotive sector company

Migration from Core Business to BTP

For more than 10 years the client developed its own automotive vertical in a SAP Portal environment. Over time, the Portal platform became obsolete and with the risk of losing support at the end of 2017, the company made the decision to update it.

After an extensive study of various options, the client chose SAP BTP as its application development platform and integrations due to its native compatibility with SAP systems and the large number of services and connections it offers.

+ 1.200

Users nationwide in more than 40 branches, distributed from Iquique to Punta Arenas


Thanks to its PaaS architecture, it has regular automated updates.


It handles the authentication and integration between Cloud systems (BTP, C4C, MKT and MS Azure) and On-premise systems (ERP, PI / PO).

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