Payment Button

Improving the Shopping Experience and Optimizing Payment Processes

The purpose of the payment button is to optimize the customer shopping experience by streamlining the process through a payment link accessible from any location. This link allows customers to carry out transactions without geographical limitations. In addition, it seeks to unify the process of collecting digital payments from the various web and e-commerce channels of the company, through a centralized and unique system.

To address this challenge, a the Payment Button on the SAP BTP platform, This solution allows working with any payment gateway, developed with BTP services and integrated with SAP S/4 HANA, it has an independent front-end and back-end payment engine, backed by intelligent middleware capable of connecting with different platforms technologies and protocols.

The implementation of this solution has significantly improved the shopping experience for customers. Now, the payment process is simplified through a link with the order detail, which facilitates the traceability of the payment from the order to the posting in the ERP. This solution provides independence and the ability to integrate with various payment gateways in the market, allowing it to adapt to the preferences and needs of customers.

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