Universal Box

Increasing Financial Efficiency through a Universal Cash solution

Bhive has developed the Universal Box solution which combines the functionality of the retail box and corporate box, allowing you to collect payments from both customers (B2C) and companies (B2B) that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system, with a friendly and easy-to-use web environment based on SAP Fiori, this solution allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks , such as the opening and closing of cash, reprinting of receipts, generation of cash reports, issuance of documentation, payment processing, advances and cancellations, among other key functions. 

The implementation of this solution has generated significant improvements in efficiency and financial control for our clients. Automated reconciliation reduces errors and reconciliation times, while real-time financial reporting provides a solid foundation for agile decision-making. These benefits drive the profitability and growth of companies in the automotive sector that have opted for this solution.

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