Dealer Portal


Connect and Optimize your automotive supply chain with Dealer Portal.

Dealer Portal is a complete and advanced solution essential to effectively connect manufacturers and distributors in the automotive sector. Its main strength lies in its ability to establish fluid communication in real time, which guarantees agile and efficient collaboration between the actors involved.

Our solution provides secure access to information and centralized management of key processes such as orders, claims and inventories, this solution not only becomes the engine that drives the optimization of the supply chain, but also shares the information of immediately, allowing quick decision-making based on accurate data and thus avoiding unnecessary delays and minimizing errors in management.

Empowering spare parts and warranty management with SAP Fiori

For the automotive industry, it is a great challenge to be able to migrate the solution of spare parts and guarantees from the Dealer Portal from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA, maintaining the data and system configurations and ensuring the continuity of the operation.

To address this challenge, BHive made adaptations to all the web technologies of the old applications, migrating them to the modern SAP user interface called SAP Fiori. Backend logic has been retained and adapted to ensure a seamless transition to the system and take full advantage of new technology.

The results for our customers are amazing, dealers can now quickly manage spare parts requests and warranty claims from any location and device. The data and configurations are kept intact, which guarantees the integrity of the information.

This solution automates processes, provides access to information in real time and improves the operational efficiency of distributors. They now have the ability to quickly and accurately track parts requests and warranty claims, speeding response times and improving customer satisfaction.

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